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Come share in the friendship and unity of fellow archers. We invite you and welcome your participation in our events.

Brevard Archers membership is made up of all levels of shooters from beginners to champions and all styles of shooting including traditional, Olympic recurve, and compound.

Brevard Archers is an FAA/NFAA Charter Club. We are also chartered through ASA (Archery Shooters Association). 

Our range is open to the public at all times with 14 shooting lanes, a commons area for 900 rounds, and other activities, in addition to a wooded area for 3D shoots. All shooters are welcome to participate in all of our shoots.

Exerting its influence over a profoundly long time period, from 25,000 BC to 1600 AD, archery is one of the most influential inventions in human history. The versatile bow and arrow harvested more protein and calories than any other tool until the invention of the plow (6,000 BC) while playing decisive roles in military conquests and defenses. Stated another way, archery put meat on the dinner table and defined political boundaries.

As a result, it is highly likely that the survival of some of your distant ancestors within that 1300 generation period when archery was king, whether by sustenance, battle, or secondary consequence was attributable to a particular arrow in flight finding its mark. Thus, to learn archery is to touch and experience the family history of one's own primal past.


Take Archery Lessons

Taking an archery class is an excellent way to see if you are interested in archery - all equipment is provided.  If you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it.  All lessons are at the archery range at Wickham Park, Melbourne, FL.

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Congratulations Nathan Langfitt of Palm Bay for winning a free set of bow strings at Action Gun and Archery. Each time an archer shoots a "center 12" on the mosquito target at our monthly 3D shoot, a ticket is entered in our lottery. Every three months a winning ticket is drawn. Nathan won the drawing for July, August and September. Well done Nathan!

Feel free to attend the next business meeting held 3rd Tuesday of every month, at Denny's in the Suntree area, Melbourne, 7pm. Click the link for a map. See you there.

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