Welcome to Brevard Archers

The new site is now accepting your membership and membership renewals.   If you are a current or recent member, please use your email address as your login name.  Ask for a new password by clicking on the "Forgot Password?" link to set your password.  Once you have logged in and you are a member who as not renewed your membership,  please click on the "My Membership" menu item in the "User Menu".  Just follow the directions.  If you have any questions or answers please call George Hageman @ 321 446 1444.


Archery is America's fastest growing sport. Why? Because it's fun, fun, fun! We have something for all skill levels such as group lessons for those getting started in archery, a practice range, private lessons, and friendly competitions in 3D, field archery and target archery. We welcome your participation in our events.

Brevard Archers membership is made up of all levels of shooters from beginners to champions and all styles of shooting including compound archery, traditional, Olympic recurve. Brevard Archers is a charter club of the FAA (Florda Archery Association), NFAA (National Field Archery Association) and ASA (Archery Shooters Association). 

Our range at Wickham Park is open to the public during daylight hours. It includes an official 14-target Field Archery course, a practice range with target butts at 10 to 70 yards, and adjacent to it an area for target competitions, such as 900 and 600 rounds. We also have a beautiul wooded area with 20 lanes dedicated to our monthly 3D shoots. All shooters are welcome to participate in all of our events.


Archery Competitions

Brevard Archers hosts a variety of archery competitions such as our monthly 3D, target, and field archery.

The most distinctive aspect of 3D Archery is the realistic 3-dimensional animal foam targets used in these competitions. Targets representing North American and African game species are typical. For instance, deer, bear, antelope, turkey, boar, etc. Each 3D Target has a set of scoring areas that are usually invisible to the naked eye. The scoring is Club or association dependent, but typically the smallest circle scores 11 or 12 points, 10 points for the larger ring, a lung shaped area for 8 points, any other body hit is 5 points, and miss 0 points. Our competitions always score the small ring concentric with the 10-ring as a 12.3D 12x3 web

The 900 Round is an example of a target archery competition that consists of 5 ends of 6 arrows each at 3 different distances: 60, 50, and 40 yards (90 arrows total) shot at a FITA multi-color 122 cm/10 ring target face.

Field archery involves shooting at targets of varying distances, usually in a wooded natural setting. A round consists of 28 targets in two units of 14. There are 3 types of competition: Field Round, Hunter Round and Animal Round.   In the Field and Hunter rounds, four arrows are shot at each target, for a total of 112 arrows at a wide variety of shooting distances and target sizes.

Animal round is much like the 3-D competition except the targets are 2-D paper targets. More specifically, an animal printed on a sheet of paper mounted on cardboard. You get up to 3 attempts to shoot a single scoring arrow at each target. Each miss is followed by another attempt with diminished scoring values.

New location for monthly meeting is now Bob Evans on N. Wickham Rd near I95, Melbourne.  We meet the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

2017 memberships are $50 for individual and $75 for family (same price as last year). To join go to the "Join Brevard Archers" page and submit online with PayPal or credit card, or on that same page, use the "Print" link and mail the membership form with a check to the address on the form.

We will change the gate code at the archery range January 1st, 2017, and only current members be given the new combination.